L. Syahrul (lucienlost) wrote in math_humour,
L. Syahrul

coconut cream pi

why is this community not active!? its concept is beyond super.

here's some math jokes anyway:

Teacher: What is 2k + k?
Student: 3000!

Q: Why do you rarely find mathematicians spending time at the beach?
A: Because they have sine and cosine to get a tan and don't need the sun!

A father who is very much concerned about his son's bad grades in math decides to register him at a catholic school. After his first term there, the
son brings home his report card: He's getting "A"s in math.
The father is, of course, pleased, but wants to know: "Why are your math grades suddenly so good?"
"You know", the son explains, "when I walked into the classroom the first day, and I saw that guy on the wall nailed to a plus sign, I knew one thing: This place means business!"

Q: How do you call a one-sided nudie bar?
A: A Möbius strip club.

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